Disability personal training services

I provide various forms of disability personal training services to people throughout the UK.

Motion North East offers 1-1 and online options.

Mobile Personal Training

1-1 Home visit training throughout areas of the North East of England

Remote Personal Training

1-1 Personal training instruction via remote video link UK Wide

Mobile Personal Training

Mobile personal training is an excellent and convenient way of receiving all the benefits of having a personal trainer… and all from the comfort of your own home!

Build strength, increase fitness, improve mobility and learn the skills for mastering home exercise right on your doorstep.

Cut out gym fees, eliminate travel expenses and save time by booking your PT sessions around your daily routine or schedule.

The service is open to people with disabilities, medical conditions and older adults in Newcastle Upon Tyne, North Tyneside and many parts of Northumberland. 

The training is a mixture of bodyweight movements, free weight exercises and resistance band exercises.


-Monday 10.00-20.00

-Tuesday 10.00-20.00

-Wednesday 10.00-20.00

-Thursday 10.00-20.00


Personal training packages are purchased in blocks which span 4 weeks each. All sessions are booked in blocks of either 4 or 8 sessions (1 or 2 sessions per week), additional sessions are also available upon request. If you wish to add an extra day, here and there feel free to do so.

All sessions start at £30.00 each, travel times and distance are factored into the final totals.

Pricing layout:

–              Block of 4 sessions = £120.00.

–              Block of 8 sessions = £240.00

uK wide remote personal training

Online Disability Training

Remote personal training is a brilliant way of having the support of a PT right at home.

We use the video service Zoom.

This is a UK wide service. It is a great option for those who are having trouble accessing a gym or mobile PT service in their area.

Its also a great option for those who do not feel quite ready for the gym yet. Ideal for those who would like to start training in a comfortable environment.

The training is a mixture of free weights, resistance bands and bodyweight exercises.

  • Functional training
  • Strength training
  • Flexibility

It really is a great way of improving your health, fitness and abilities.


  • Mondays 10.00 -20.00
  • Tuesdays 10.00-20.00
  • Wednesdays 10.00-20.00
  • Thursdays 10.00-20.00


– Block of 4 x 30 minute sessions = £60.00

-Block of 8 x 30minutes = £120.00

To find out more on how this service works feel free to get in touch today and I will explain all on a consultation call Contact Motion North East- Adaptive Fitness North East

Disability Personal Training services